About Us

We are a team of professionals who set the standard in our industry and we get the job done right. We like to think of ourselves as an investment. We offer the most cost-effective way to have an estate sale or online auction as our process and marketing produce the best results for our clients.

Our clients hire us because they get the confidence in knowing their sale will be handled properly. Who you choose matters! There is no second chance when having an estate sale or online auction.


We offer:


- Longer Sales Period

- Earlier Opening Hours

- Longer Closing Hours

- Auction Services

- 24/7 Online Shopping Service

- Broader Customer Base (we are in multiple states an cities)

- Fiduciary Based Services

- Specialty Based Teams

Contact Adrian Madrid today at (575) 222-3436 or email him at AdrianMadrid@GoldMineEstateSales.com